2016 KRANK AMPLIFIERS  "deal with it"                                                             we do not sponsor or endorse artists
Tube Analog Delay, Tube
gain booster (great for a
certain British amp from the
EP3 (echoplex) based analog
delay, Vintage NOS based
solid state gain booster
using the "correct" TIS58
feild effect transistor
100 watt heads START at only $999.99 (plus shipping).
6L6/5881 power tubes, dual foot switch and cable, power cord.
NOTE: We can also make the full sized head in 50 or 60 watt as
Just ASK (Starts at $949.99 for 50 watt).
All new Krank amps feature foot switchable (true bypass)TUBE
buffered FX loop with send and return levels.
Universal input power 115, 220 and 240 volts at a flick of a
USA made transformers paper bobbin  interleaved.
24mm metal shaft pots, ceramic tube sockets, nylon jacks (not
plastic that can break) and many more professional features.
Built for the serious professional musician who needs the gear to
perform night after night
4X12 and 2X12
Big full fat tone with SOLID wood
MUCH better than plywood or laminated
(still plywood) birch.
Loaded with Legend V1216
With circle Grill.
Standard Krank (round hole) grill
2x12 KABINET $724.99 plus shipping.
4x12 KABINET $899.99 plus shipping.
Call 480-899-1264
to order
We have two booster pedals.
Tube and solid state based on the
klassik Echoplex preamps
four ALL TUBE overdrive pedals,
and our pure analog delays.
All three of the KlassiK Krank full size heads are
back and even better then before. Universal
power and true bypass FX loops are now
standard equipment on all the new Krank amps.
We have a new transformer company made in
USA with Klassik interleaving.
That means richer harmonics and deeper low
end response.
We also have a new mega gain head called the
bully. Check it!!
All the new Krank cabinets are made with SOLID
PINE. Just like in the 50s and 60s. Very sweet and
rich sounding.
We might be the only company using
solid wood cabinets. WHY?? major difference in the
tone and response.
Once you play out of a soild wood cabinet all other
cabinets will sound boxy and thin to you.
Krank Amplifiers has been re-acquired by the original founder TONYKRANK
and is open for business.
Everything will be made here in the USA and all of it will be professional quality gear.
Quality transformers, steel heavy duty chassis, tubes, pots, jacks.
Basic lifetime warranty to the original owner.
Please check out the links
for information and sound samples
of the amp heads, cabinets, booster, analog delay pedals, all tube high gain pedals too
For DIRECT and DEALER SALES contact TonyKrank.
EMAIL: tonykrank@krankamps.com
PHONE: 480-899-1264
We have a 2 x 12 Kombo amps now.
Your choice Krankenstein II, Bully, REV II and the 1980 II
Power options:
20, 35, 50 and 100 watts.
Cathode bias switch the "safe" way to lower the output power and it sounds very natural,
FX loop on the Kleen channel
Krank 2X12 Kombo
Awesome and loud as hell. You will have no problem keeping up with the half and full stacks. This is where the soild wood cabinet makes a big diference. Two Eminance Legend high power guitar speaker with big magnets for some real "throw"
Its coming SOON!
The new JR mini head series.
Not a toy like a lot of the other mini heads out there.
SAME features and the full size heads.
Bully, Krankenstein II, REV II and the 1980.
20, 35, 50 and 100 watts. Yes 100 watts.
Now you have a head that you can take on a plane.
Size: 14" x 7" (tall) X 8.25".
You can put it in a rack or order it with a conventional tolex (vinyl) head box